Camping at sheriff

- is the best choice for those adventerous  people who like travelling and dream of wonderful and unforgetable holiday

Camping «At sheriff»



Camping «At sheriff» is pefectly  located on an island, made by two parts of the river Blanitsa. 
The camping is situated at Protivin town where from the first part of sixteenth century is made
the beer which is rightly considered to be one of the most famous sorts of Platan known not
only in Czech Republic, but in the whole world. The size of the camping is a bit more than 1 hectar. The camp offers places for trailers,
caravans and travellers with tents or without them. All the places are equipped with electrical
sockets and water access. Besides that there are 15 houses for 2 up to 4 people and luxurous
apartments for comfort lovers. The camp is situated in the very heart of South Bohemia and that
gives our guests a unique opportunity to see a lot of sights. You can walk along atmospheric streets
of perfectly conserved meddieval towns with rich history — Protivin, Pisek or the capital of South
Bohemia — the royal city Czech Budejovice. The unique castle Hluboka over Vltava, which was
reconstructed to resemble Windsor Castle is in store for you. Those who are keen on culture can
visit the only rolling theatre in the city protected by UNESCO — Czech Krumlov. It is a paradise for
artists and people interested in history. Kratochvile castle — fun and toy for Czech kings,
Trebon — the famous spa and gorgeous castle is list of the sights to enjoy which is very far from
being complete. Wonderful untouched nature of South Bohemia and cultural inheritage are looking
forward to you.



Jewish cemetery in Protivín

Wild West


Crocodile ZOO

Wild West

Within 10 minutes walk there is a great zoo with a lot of magnificent crocodiles.